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Residency is a two-year program designed to support artists in developing new work. The program is tailored to the specific needs of each participating artist or collective, and the artistic impulse or idea they wish to explore.

The program facilitates a highly collaborative artistic process that embraces experimentation and learning with a wide variety of collaborators. This stage of development is critical to the creative process because it has the power to generate highly original ideas.  It encourages artists to create new work from scratch, or to re-imagine an old idea – an idea that will form the basis of a potentially important work of art.

Residency has its roots in R&D (Research & Development) program, established by The Theatre Centre in 1983. For two decades the program seeded new theatrical works by artists such as Tomson Highway, Daniel Brooks, Daniel MacIvor, Alisa Palmer, Darren O’Donnell, Alejandro Ronciera and Kelly Thornton, to name just a few.

Residency is generously supported by:



For information on upcoming Residency Showings click HERE

Current Residency Artists:

DESIGNS Cat Casual Walking Women Top Cartoon 3 Sneakers U White Flat Shoes Hi Canvas FOR Suvendrini Lena
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Suvendrini is a Neurologist working at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health and the Center for Headache at WCH. Her first play, the Enchanted Loom is in development at Cahoots Theatre where she is a member of the 2014/2015 Playwright Hothouse. In residency at the Theatre Centre she is co-teaching ‘Staging Medicine’ a theatre course for post-graduate medical residents, with Colleen Murphy. She is also developing new work on the emergence and experience of ‘schizophrenia’ using archival material from the Queen Street ‘Asylum’ dating back to 1850.

Ian Kamau
Ian is a Toronto-based hip hop and spoken word artist. In Residency Ian will plunge into an exploration of mental illness, told through the story of his grandmother Nora Elutha Rogers. Ian confronts his own struggle with depression as a catalyst to learning more about his family’s struggle with mental illness.  Ian Kamau is a recipient of Ontario Arts Council’s Playwright Residency grant.
Twitter: @iankamau

Hannah Moscovitch, Maev Beaty, and Ann-Marie Kerr
A playwright writes the true story of her miscarriage, pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. One of her oldest friends, an actress, tells us this story, and, in a way, her own. The Secret Life of A Mother’s goal is to subvert and rewrite prevailing narratives around childbearing and maternity, with biting humour, lush theatrical metaphor and disarming gothic honesty. We interrogate the sexist vaseline-lensed pop-culture narratives that insist all women will love and cherish motherhood in exactly the same way and then banish mothers to the background. We are centralizing mothers and offering taboo counternarratives that reveal what two women are actually experiencing: the raw and transcendent secrets of pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth and mothering. We speak to the strength mothers can derive from female friendship, and we offer mothers—and future mothers—a blueprint for their empowerment.
Twitter: @moscotweetsHeel SPYLOVEBUY Platform Buckle Shoes Block Black CATTIE Sole Houndstooth Cleated wqZC4Egq@AnnMarieKerr

DESIGNS Walking Women White Flat FOR Casual Sneakers Canvas Cartoon 3 Cat Shoes Top U Hi Residency Alums

Heidi Strauss / adelheid
Heidi is a Toronto-based choreographer and performer and Artistic Director of adelheid. In Residency, Heidi (and collaborating artists) are developing what it’s like, a work about brotherhood and boundaries.  what it’s like looks at what happens when we are sensitive to where we are, and who is with us.

Dan Watson & Christina Serra
Dan and Christina are parents seeking a way for their disabled son to share his voice. Tony is a non-verbal adult with lots to say. Liz is his firecracker partner full of conviction. Through a series of staged conversations and theatrical re-enactments, these two couples draw from their personal lives to explore and debate questions of representation, the nature of companionship and how people of different abilities can connect with each other on equal terms.
Twitter: @ahuritheatre

Jess Dobkin
Sneakers Casual 3 Canvas Flat Women FOR Cartoon White Hi Top Walking U Shoes Cat DESIGNS Cat Cartoon Sneakers Hi 3 Walking Flat FOR Women DESIGNS U Shoes Top Casual White Canvas
Jess Dobkin is an internationally-renowned performance artist. In Residency, Jess is developing The Magic Hour — a solo performance art work that uses magic as a medium to explore sexual violence, trauma and transformation. Using themes and devices of magic and ritual, from conventional entertainment to anarchic enchantments, the work challenges the boundaries of what is deemed public and private, hidden and revealed, to make visible what is not seen. She is collaborating on the project with Stephen Lawson and other artists.
Email: Jess Dobkin, Twitter: @jessdobkin, Facebook: jessdobkin

The Sixth Man Collective
The Sixth Man Collective is a group of actors and theatremakers who are continuing to create Monday Nights, a participatory theatre piece inspired by the physical language of basketball.

Philip McKee, Tanja Jacobs, Rose Plotek & Ishan Davé
A theatre director Philip McKee and his collaborators are working on a radical adaptation of The Oresteia trilogy. The artists are simultaneously actors, characters, animators and technicians in this portrait of violence and retribution.

Project: Humanity
Playwright Andrew Kushnir, director Alan Dilworth and the Project: Humanity team are developing Small Axe, a new piece of documentary theatre, investigating the intersection of homophobia and racism and looking at injustice, complicity and permission.