Our focus is on screening individuals participating in sports, fitness and other leisure activities. However, we work as flexibly and aim to provide a service to any groups or individuals who feel that they may benefit from cardiac screening; provided that they are aged 18 years or over. There is no upward age limit for our screening process. We are able to provide our service to offices, businesses and other workplace environments.


We are committed to tailoring our service to the needs of our clients, as providing cardiac screening to as many people as possible is our goal.


We are also able to provide Basic Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training, and demonstrate to and instruct clients in the use of a cardiac defibrillator. In the event that an individual suffers a cardiac arrest in a non-healthcare setting, CPR and early cardiac defibrillation are the life-saving intervention. It is this type of intervention that saved the life of Fabrice Muamba in 2012, when he collapsed during a professional football match.